Tether Bail Accessory Kit

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Spider Tether Bail Accessory Kit
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Add the Tether Bail Connection to your Spider DSLR Camera Plate*, Spider Mirrorless Camera Plate*, or Spider Lens Collar Plate v2*.

Designed for use with the Spider Web Tether*

(*sold separately)

Product Highlights:

  • Moves the Tether connection away from your camera controls
  • Wear it around the neck as a lanyard, or sling it across your shoulder
  • Quickly connects to camera strap connections
  • Compatible with SpiderPro DSLR Plate, SpiderPro Mirrorless Plate, Lens Collar Plate v2
    Durable, streamlined design for security and peace of mind.
  • Ergonomic and adjustable
  • Easy, simple and secure installation

Spider Tether Bail Kit
(1) Adjustment Wrench


NOTE: Spider Camera Plates are NOT included in this kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bruce Owens
Tether is great but can be improved.

I like the tether; but it needs to have a swivel incorporated into it.

Glenn Gamayot
Spider Camera Holster accessories must have.

Accessories that would not be missed in your Spider Camera Holster, a lifesaver and this will save your investments and put yourself confidence and safe!

Harry Pocius
Tether bail pretty awesome for changing lenses on the fly.

When working events, I use a think tank belt system with two spider pro holsters, one holds a Nikon D850 with a 24-120 lens, the other has a Nikon Z6 with an 80-400 lens. The lens mounts directly to the spider holster using a Spider Pro Lens Collar Plate. This system works really well except when I want to put a 16-35 on the Z6. I've tried many things but the tether bail works the best. I can attach it to a think tank camera support strap that is attached to my belt harness. This makes it super easy to switch cameras or just put the Z6 down without having to put the 80-400 back on. Works perfectly!

Diego Tames

Tether Bail Accessory Kit

Peter Riddell
Not ready for market

This accessory for the Spider web Tether is a great idea but it’s so poor in execution as to be worthless. My first clue was the hand-written note that came with the kit: ’Do night overtighten screw.” It would have been better to say ‘do night tighten screw at all’ as it stripped out the threads with virtually no effort at all (I’m talking about finger-tip pressure only.) Better to use the tether clip that comes with the Spider Web Tether than to use this. I ended up replacing my base plate (stripped threads) and sending this kit back for a refund.

Quality leather + comfortable memory foam construction.

SpiderPro Hand Strap v2

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