850: BlackWidow BW Holster Kit

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Chris Baird
Like it so far

This holster is well constructed, comfortable, and easy to use. It's nice to get that camera off my neck.

Susan Hartley
Black Widow Spider Camera Holster - Love it, years of use already

Wonderful - I've had the Black Widow Spider Camera Holster for years, & just bought another as a spare. Great system, very comfortable & very secure. It doesn't interfere with the binoculars. To avoid pressure around my waist, I actually wear it bandolier-style, (which it's really not designed for) - It's very secure, handy and easy.

wendy w.
love love love this strap

this is our third strap and we are now carrying two cameras each so the clip system works for us….we have two nikon D800 one side and smaller fixed lens cameras on the other side….both of us have our hands free and the weight this takes off your shoulders is amazing….

lucas t.
very useful

after a previous holiday had me tangled up in neck cables and toting a heavy bag, i thought to try this. expected it to be a bit of a gimmick, but i'll try anything. took it to japan and it was easily the best thing i've ever bought. made it so much easier to just whip the camera out and snap away, especially those moments when you least expect to take a photo.

not having it dragging on my neck was great, too.

i didn't feel it was a big weight on my hip, which i'd expected it to be. instead it's extremely comfortable. now if only there was another option for carrying a spare lens so i didn't have to be unzipping and struggling with a lens bag, that'd be great...

for the record i was only taking urban and landscape, so had only a wide angle and 50. unsure how this would feel with a zoom, but i felt a zoom was overkill for what i shoot.

tldr: 10/10, would buy again

Margaret R.
No more neck ache for strap around the neck!!

I love my Spider belt!!!