The Dan Salvo Kit - Spider Camera Holster
The Dan Salvo Kit
The Dan Salvo Kit - Spider Camera Holster
The Dan Salvo Kit - Spider Camera Holster
The Dan Salvo Kit - Spider Camera Holster
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The official kit for the "Ninja" of Wedding photography himself, Dan Salvo! The Dual DSLR Camera System allows him to take weight off of his neck and shoulders, as well as keep his hands free to set up shots.


His choice accessories also allow him to quickly switch memory cards, camera lenses, and other camera gear like a camera flash, light meter, and more on the fly!



  • SpiderPro Dual Camera Belt + Plates to carry two DSLR Cameras
  • Camera Plates have 1/4"x20 mounts for compatibility with all tripod adapter plates
  • Belt fits waists 28 - 50 inches (71 - 127cm)
  • Lens Collar Plate is designed for carrying cameras with longer lenses
  • Memory Card Organizer can hold 3CF + 6 SD Cards
  • SpiderPro Hand Strap v2 is designed to fit DSLR + Mirrorless cameras
  • Lens Pouch has a built-in lens cap tether, rain cover, and front zipper
  • SpiderMonkey Accessory Tabs hold a flash, light meter, battery pack, and more!
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(1) SpiderPro Dual DSLR Camera System v2
(1) SpiderPro Hand Strap v2 (Black)
(1) Memory Card Organizer v2
(1) Medium Lens Pouch
(2) SpiderMonkey Accessory Clip Sets


> Camera Belt is compatible with any Spider camera plate.
> This kit comes with two camera plates for DSLR cameras.


> Designed to fit 24-70mm camera lenses

> Stores 3CF + 6SD memory cards
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Memory Card Organizer v2

Spider Lens Pouches

SpiderPro Hand Strap v2

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fan, Li
Fantastic replacement option for camera straps

I bought the "Dan Salvo Kit", which included memory card pouch, medium lens pouch, 2 sets of spidermonkey accessory clips and a Dual Mirrorless Camera Spider Holster (you have to make notes during checkout if you want the mirrorless setup instead of the original DSLR plates for the kit). As well as a hand strap.

Here are my observation from using it for the first time during a shoot last weekend:

The Dual Mirrorless Spider Holster is definitely the highlight of this kit, it's fairly easy to assemble (kit came with the second camera holster detached, which required you to watch an online tutorial on how to attach the second holster to the belt)

The mirrorless camera mounting plates fits my Sony A7 IV and A7 R III mirrorless cameras perfectly, and is well constructed with solid piece of machined materials. The telephoto lens plate v2 is also very well constructed, I'm delighted by the included hex tool holding mechanism build inside the plate for mounting and dismounting the plate to the lens. Both camera plates and lens plate are Arca swiss compatible.

The holstering mechanism is very well designed, my cameras rested under the holster nicely and securely. It's also a lot more comfortable to carry the cameras on your waist, even for two of the heaviest lens, compared to on your shoulder or neck. The release mechanism on the holster can be unlocked for easy retrieve, or locked for added security. But rest assured, once the camera is sat in the holster, even unlocked, the chance of them falling out of holster is next to none. All it took is 5 mins to get to the action of putting the camera into holster and sliding it out, and we totally fall in love with this setup, it's so easy to use!

The medium sized lens pouch can hold some prime lens comfortably, but did not fit our 24-70 F2.8 GM zoom lens.

The memory card holder pouch can hold 9+ sd cards comfortably, but we found little use for it. A utility pouch included in the kit might be more useful than this.

The SpiderMonkey Accessory Clip is quite useful too, we used one set to mount our hotshoe flash to the belt for easy carrying.

The hand strap seems well built, and can be upgraded to be placed directly in a holster if you purchase additional hardwares, but can be nicely installed under exsisting camera plate for easy use.

All in all, we found the spider holder a very worthy addition to our on-location shoots. If you mostly use just one camera, then the single camera setup might be the best bet in terms of value.

The limitation of the holster setup, or maybe only applies to the dual-camera setup, is that for a smaller waist, the amount of useable space for clipping additional accessories is quite limited, after we put two camera holsters on the belt, there are quite limited amount of space left for other accessories.

Ben Cumming
Top notch

I moved away from Spider (version 1) but v2 is a massive improvement. Great set up and I’ve also added the accessory pouch for my phone, keys and lens caps! Service direct from Spider was 1st class. Only contacted you for a spare safety strap for my hand strap and ended up with all this. Thanks guys

” Remove even a single component from this belt and it would have a real impact on the images I’d be able to capture. I use the Dual Camera System to hold two bodies – typically one with a wide lens like the Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L and the other with my 70-200 f/2.8L II IS. I keep a Hand Strap on my primary body – the one with the 70-200 – and mount it on my right hip. It keeps the camera secure in my hand so I can maintain a solid grip when unlocking it after climbing to a radical new location! ” – Dan Salvo
" I keep my first Spider Monkey just behind my left holster. There are many times throughout the day when I need a flash quickly, whether it be for a backlight/hairlight, illumination for a background, etc., so I keep this one holstered throughout the entire day. I keep it just far enough behind the holster on my left hip to ensure there’s room for the camera and the wide lens, mounted down and facing backwards.

Just behind that is my Memory Card Organizer. I keep both CF and SD cards in here, and sometimes my car key (on the inside) and iPhone (on the outside). When I need access, I usually just rotate the entire belt to bring the MCO towards my front.

"The perfect setup for any wedding photographer!"

My radio rests up against the side of my Medium Lens Pouch, which is essentially on my back right side. I use this pouch for a variety of things. Sometimes it’s a specialty prime lens like a Macro 100mm f/2.8L or the 85mm f/1.2; I often want these lenses for specific shots, but they’re not versatile enough to have mounted on my cameras when we’re away from our gear bags. Other times I’ll use it to hold the LED panels we use for ring shots or some other random gear.
Continuing to the back side of the belt, I have a 2nd Spider Monkey to hold my radio. I use this to communicate with my other photographer(s) throughout the day, and we use secret service style headsets wired under our shirts, so we don’t need access to this radio once it’s attached. "


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