From holsters to accessories, our SpiderLight line is designed specifically for mirrorless and lightweight cameras.

Go anywhere, from the trail, to the street, to the studio, with your hands free, and your camera ready to grab the next shot.

For the studio

Many pros are turning to mirrorless to experience the benefits of lightweight yet high-quality optics. Our SpiderLight Single and Dual Camera Systems are modeled after their pro counterparts, but re-designed from the ground-up and streamlined for mirrorless cameras.

For an adventure

Hit the street or the trail… it’s your camera, on the go! Our SpiderLight Holster and Backpacker are the most ergonomic way to take your camera on an adventure.

SpiderLight Camera Holsters

Best for lightweight and mirrorless gear

The SpiderLight Camera Holster

At the heart of our professional system is the SpiderLight Camera Holster.

SpiderLight Single Camera System

For the seasoned Mirrorless photographer, comes with our durable belt.

SpiderLight Dual Camera System

Two cameras, hands free.

SpiderLight Backpacker

Take your camera on an adventure!