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Designed by photographers, the SpiderPro Single Camera System is the perfect carrying solution for the professional looking for a strap-free system. Take the weight of your cameras off your neck and shoot longer without fatigue.  Your camera will be comfortably secured, allowing more shots per shoot with easy access.

SpiderPro Camera Belt v2
The Spider belt features a secure three-point release belt buckle, to prevent the belt from coming loose while in use. The belt can be easily adjusted to the user’s belt size by lifting the high-strength Velcro strap, and sliding the camera pad to sit comfortably on the hips. There is also a quick-adjust strap near the buckle that can be used to quickly tighten / loosen the belt slightly on the go.


SpiderPro Camera Holster v2
The SpiderPro Camera Holster features a two-position, self-locking design for both security and quick access in any shooting situation. The holster will automatically lock when you pair it with one of our Spider camera plates. To unlock the holster, lift the lock lever upwards and remove your camera. For even faster access, you can disengage the lock by pressing the lock lever up until it clicks, it will remain unlocked until you push the lever back down into the self-locking position. Keeping it in the “unlocked” position keeps your camera secure and easily accessible for a quick draw.


Mirrorless Camera Plate
Light weight and durable, the Spider Mirrorless Camera Plate is designed for mirrorless cameras. The sliding plate design accommodates most mirrorless camera bodies and does not block the battery door. It attaches to the camera's 1/4"x20 tripod mount, and features anti-slip rubber pads for stable, secure install, and an anti-twist Spider pin for added security. The Spider Mirrorless Camera Plate has built-in compatibility for Arca-Swiss style tripods, and acts as an Arca Swiss tripod adapter. It can also be used with other style tripod adapter plates.


Product Highlights:

  • Ergonomic design to eliminate fatigue
  • Durable, wear resistant materials
  • Heavy duty, triple-lock buckle keeps the belt secure
  • Quick draw access to your camera
  • Two position, self-locking camera holster
  • Camera Plate has 1/4"x20 mounts for compatibility with all tripod adapter plates
  • Belt fits waists 28 - 50 inches (71 - 127cm)


(1) SpiderPro Single Camera Belt v2 + Camera Holster
(1) Second Camera Pad + Camera Holster
(2) Mirrorless Camera Plates
(1) Lens Collar Plate v2 


We do not recommend moving the pre-installed Spider Pin.

We pre-install a pin into the right side with Loctite to ensure a secure hold. If a pin is required for carrying on the opposite side, we recommend purchasing an additional Spider Anti-Twist Pin and installing separately.


Are you using a Mirrorless Camera + Vertical Grip?
If you are using a mirrorless camera with a vertical grip, you will need to use one of our DSLR Camera Plates instead of the Mirrorless Camera Plate provided in this kit. We also have a DSLR Single Camera System and DSLR Dual Camera System that include these plates instead.

Recommended Gear Weight: 5+ lbs. (2.25+ kg)

Belt Length: 28-50" in (71-127 cm)

Materials: Durable Stainless Steel & Aluminum

SpiderPro Camera Belt:
> Compatible with all Spider camera plates.

Spider Mirrorless Camera Plate IS compatible with:
> Compatible with any Spider camera holster.
> Designed for use on Mirrorless camera bodies.
> Nikon Z series cameras with or without use of the FTZ mount
> Arca-Swiss style tripod heads

Spider Mirrorless Camera Plate IS NOT compatible with:
> Olympus Mark II
> Panasonic DMC-G80 / G85

Are you using a Mirrorless Camera + Vertical Grip?
If you are using a mirrorless camera with a vertical grip, you will need to use one of our DSLR Camera Plates instead of the Mirrorless Camera Plate provided in this kit. We also have a DSLR Single Camera System and DSLR Dual Camera System that includes these plates instead.
Read our full product warranty and return policy, CLICK HERE

Spider Camera Holster Belts (in use)

How to Install: Spider DSLR Camera Plate

Lens Collar Plate v2 (in use)

How to Install: Lens Collar Plate v1

Download instructions for the: SpiderPro Dual Camera System (Click Here)

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Vadim Lebedev

SpiderPro Dual Mirrorless Camera System v2

Or Glickman
Lost my first one got another immediately

Great product to keep weight off my shoulders on a long wedding day. Loving it!

Idalise Delgado

Best holster ever! Perfect perfect perfect!

Dana Elliott
Changes everything

I don’t have to play the “where did I lay my camera” game anymore! I primarily shoot cake smashes and boudoir, and picking up weddings. Being able to hook it securely to me and not lay it down is THE BEST. I would buy it again without hesitation.

Nikolay Kucherov

доставка быстрая, саму систему буду тестировать в съемке уже пользовался аналогами, разгрузка удобная. Спасибо. С любовью из Сибири.

SpiderPro Camera Holster

Simple, Safe, Secure.

The SpiderPro Holster is a rugged yet versatile piece of equipment, allowing you to easily clip it onto any belt!

Self-Locking Design

The geometry of the holster and plate prevents the camera from moving up and out of the holster accidentally.

Simply rotate camera upward for a fast release. This feature feels natural to the user, while providing an extra layer of security for your camera, even when the lock is not engaged!

Lens Collar Plate v2

Spider Mirrorless Camera Plate

Built-in Arca Swiss Tripod Profile!

The Spider Mirrorless Camera Plate has built in Arca-Swiss Geometry which allows it to mount to any of their tripod heads!
The plate also has a universal 1/4″-20 thread mount which will work with any regular tripod mount!

Designed for security.

The Spider Mirrorless Camera Plate is equipped with an extra 1/4"-20connection for those looking to use an accessory tripod quick release plate.

The anti-rotation features and anti-slip pads keep your camera secure, and help prevent the plate from turning /loosening over a long period of use.

Designed to keep your battery door free!

The Spider Mirrorless Camera Plate’s mount can move left to right to fit your camera and allow you to maintain use of your battery door, and will not interfere when using an FTZ Adapter.

Are you a Nikon Z user?

The Spider Mirrorless Camera Plate was updated to seamlessly pair with all Nikon Z series cameras, with all lens configurations (with and without the FTZ Adapter).

Expand your Spider gear setup even more!

Upgrade to a Spider DUAL Camera System!

Switching lenses on the go? Look at our Lens Pouches! We have a size for 24-70mm and 70-200mm and they can be attached to any belt!

Our SpiderMonkey camera accessory holsters are great for holding your light meter, battery pack, camera flash, and more!

Especially on long shoots, you're going to burn through memory. Our Memory Card Organizer attaches to any belt, and holds 3CF + 6SD cards, your phone, keys, and more! No more fumbling around and loosing your cards on the go.


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Memory Card Organizer v2
Utility Pouch